5D Mark 3 AI servo setting

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Re: 5D Mark 3 AI servo setting

adrianfongwl wrote:

Hi there,

I would like to seek for advise about the AI servo setting for shooting my 15 months old son. As you know he is running quickly and irregularly all the time now. I recently bought the new 24-70 Mark 2 f2.8 as i heard that this lens with 5d3 is perfect for quick and accurate auto focus but however,i found that something the hit rate is still not too good.

I do understand that this camera has a page which can choose case 1 to 6 about the AI servo but i am not sure which one would be suit for my case.

Any advises and be appreciated.

Thanks a lot,

A few things that might help ...

  • Start with Case 5.
  • Make sure your shutter speed is high enough to freeze any movement of your son.
  • Set your Image Priority settings to Focus Priority.
  • Choose an AF Area Selection that allows you to keep the active AF points on your son as he moves about. An AF Point Expansion mode would probably be best.
  • Use the AF-ON button to trigger focusing - press and hold the AF-ON button, then press the shutter button when you want to capture an image or start a burst. Keep you thumb down on the AF-ON button the whole time.
  • If the camera misses the focus, quickly lift and repress your thumb on the AF-ON button to retrigger focus.
  • Make sure you start tracking a short time before you start shooting images to give the camera the best chance of locking and tracking your son.
  • Make sure you start tracking with the primary active AF point on your son.
  • Keep calm and steady.

Practice - get all the above right and you'll get a very good keeper rate.

Hope that helps.

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