Olympus E-PL5 IBIS (& Shutter Shock too?) - Very Poor results for all but 1 condition

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Pure physics?

The lighter the camera / lens combination is, the easier it will get shaken. Pens with 45mm lens are light, and the holding ergonimics are not as good as with EM5.

I have also some shots blurred by IS used on too fast shutter speeds - it is designed to help with relatively slow shutter speeds. I suppose 1/100s for 45mm lens is fast enough for shooting without IS. Longer lenses of course need shorter times for "safe" operation more reliable results.

Anyway, I usually use my Ep3 without the IS to about 1/60 - 1/30 sec times - but I use older FT-lenses, mostly 12-60mm lens or the older PL 25mm f1.4. Hold the lens, not the camera -principle added with a supporting table tripod (more weight + balance points).

The next shot is taken on a anchored sail boat, 1/15s f1.4, 25mm, handheld with that table tripod and iso 3200, IS1 on. I would have used la longer time, but the boat was not too steady...

On the way to Ilovik.

The next is from Split, Croatia. Same setup, but ISO 800, 1/30 and steady ground. IS on.

IS is a good help, but not for every shot. Antishock takes the fingerpush-effect away - more meaningful with lighter bodies, as you have noticed. Unfortunately EP3 has only 2s option - not useful without tripod and steady targets.

Good luck to you!

'The best camera in the world is the one you have with you when you need it'

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