NOT OK: R3000 second print (ABW) - lot of regular linear scratches... :(

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Re: I agree, still one question

NeroM ..... I'm also a new owner of an R3000, and i can confirm that sometimes there is quite a delay in starting prints accompanied by various pumping noises. I think whats going on, is if there has been a delay of some length since the last print, the printer seems to decide to do some nozzle flushing before the next print command, i just wait it out, and the print starts. the wait is substantial, seems like a coupla minutes but i haven't measured it.

For all the others who have been helping NeroM, i want to thank you for the education - its been enlightening to me as i''ve been reading along. I bought the R3000 to do small canvas prints. What i've discovered about the R3000:

a. It works well on rolls. I buy the 13"x20' rolls, and have so far gone thru 1 and 1/2 rolls, have 3 more in reserve :-). Nary a fault except for an occasional toning screwup on my part - still learning on that.

b. Started out with 23mil Epson Exhibition Glossy, but don't like it since its a bit more work to stretch than what i'm used to. So now i'm buying PremierArt Generation Satin from Atlex. Its 18mils and is easier to stretch, and highly recommend it.

c. The top feed tray works flawlessly. I've tried to load a single sheet of canvas, (cut off of a roll) in the front tray, and after several attempts, gave the front tray up as a disaster for curled canvas sheets. I did send a single sheet of photo card stock thru it, and that seemed to work okay.

d. I am intrigued by the suggestion above to use the rear roller feed port for thicker fine art sheets, or i would use it for 13x19 inch canvas sheets. I would probably just install the empty carboard roller tube, i now have, and use it as a guide for the single sheets. i don't have time tonight however to try it.

e. i can pass along the advice to not leave canvas loaded into this printer overnight. It apparently causes curl when sitting loaded and resulted in head strikes when i tried to print the next day. Easy enough to load and unload, however.

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