Win8 vs. Win7: How is it (ignoring new interface)?

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Re: Win8 vs. Win7: How is it (ignoring new interface)?

I've been using Windows 8 since it was launched. I went direct from Windows 7 Home to Windows 8 Pro (on a 15 inch DELL XPS with COREi7 processor). My impressions:

- I wanted to do a dual boot but the installer decided to do an in-place upgrade. It actually worked just fine (apart from the necessity to have a direct link to Internet - it forgot my WiFi connection). It asked me to deinstall incompatible programs before doing the upgrade. Almost all my "compatible" programs worked just fine. I'm impressed with the upgrade procedure

- After the installation it told me that my main graphics card was disabled (Windows 7 hadn't said a word). I activated it and all of a sudden things like running dual screens worked automatically. So I'm pretty happy with the user experience.

- Windows 8 Pro comes with HYPER-V virtualisation software which I need for my work. Delighted with that, even though I had to upgrade to 16GB of RAM

- I don't trust the new backup program which installs only your data and not the system itself. I installed the latest version of Acronis backup and activated the recovery option.

- I find the new full-screen tile programs completely pointless (Mail, Explorer, etc.). I only use classic programs (Lightroom, Chrome etc.)

Overall I'm very happy with Windows 8. But I find the new user interface is less good than the old one if you're using a PC with mouse and no touch screen.

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