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Windows Defender

kcbeatty wrote:

Thanks for sharing Sky. Keep us informed on your issues going forward.

Welcome.  Your post just reminded me about another Win8 feature.

Windows 8 comes with Windows Defender (WD) built-in.  WD is said to be MS Security Essentials (an anti-virus program for folks who are not familiar with it) with a different name.

The nice thing is that when Win8 is installed, one does not have to worry as much when connecting to the internet for the first time.  I know that Security Essentials has received low scores in some comparison tests but I personally like that it's included in Win8 and the price is right (free)

The odd thing is that Win8 does not give any indication that WD is installed and running.  Security Essentials displays a green icon in the notifications area of the taskbar but WD doesn't display anything.

To open WD, type "Def" in the search box and "Windows Defender" will pop up as one of the search finds.  Click it and WD opens.  When WD opens, it looks just like Security Essentials which seems to confirm that it is Security Essentials rebranded. Click the Update tab and update WD with the latest virus and spyware definitions before browsing the web.

I've read that if a different antivirus software is installed, WD will automatically be disabled and if the different antivirus is removed, that WD will automatically be re-enabled.  I don't know how true this is but that's what I read.


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