How to take better newborn photos with RX100?

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Re: How to take better newborn photos with RX100?

A good understanding of how exposure and shutter speeds affect how sharp an image is would be a good start. There are many good resources in the beginners forums to help wiith that.

The RX100 does have some nice modes to help prevent blurred photos. Firstly, try and make sure that there is as much light as possible on the subject. I know that with newborns, using a flash is not always the best approach, especially if baby is finally sleeping and you dont want to wake her (him).

I have had a lot of success using the ANTI MOTION BLUR mode if your subject is dimmly lit and is not moving that much. It will take a series of shots very close together at high ISO, then blend them to reduce the noise from the high ISO but retain the sharpness of the image.

If the subject is not moving and you can hold the camera fairly still (or put on a tripod) then the HAND HELD TWILIGHT mode would also work well.  Much the same as the anti motion blur, but it does not raise the ISO as much for a cleaner image.

If the baby is moving around a lot and you still get motion blur, and you dont want to use the flash, then again, try and raise the ambient lighting and use the HIGH SENSITIVITY mode which will raise the ISO quite high to get a faster shutter speed but only uses 1 shot, so no noise reducing layering as with the previous modes. Continuous drive mode should give you several shots per second.

Otherwise, I dont see why putting it in PORTRAIT mode with the flash on wouldnt give nice results.

Also, try using the flash, but bounce it off the ceiling by pulling back on it and pointing it up while taking the photo. It gives a nice diffuse light with no harsh shadows.

Good Luck

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