Nokia Lumia 920 vs Pureview 808 vs N8 Low Light Sample Photos

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Re: Nokia Lumia 920 vs Pureview 808 vs N8 Low Light Sample Photos

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I love my Lumia 920. The night shots on it is second to none. I compared pictures to my wife's 4S and my friends iPhone 5 and its no comparison. During the day its a different story, but at night its no competition.

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well try to compare it to Nokia 808 (preferrably with someone who knows to set it up) and you'll forget your lumia

The Lumia 920 has proven itself to be a very good camera phone with its impressive low light capabilities. Nevertheless, I share the same notion in that the Nokia Pureview 808 is at a higher level.

Personally I think feel the Pureview 808 may become a classic once it is discontinued, or when Nokia move away from the Symbian platform and concentrate on Windows (or Android) phones, incorporating or enhancing the Pureview technology in their future generation of phones. My reasoning is this. As we all know, the key to the high-performing 808 lies in the 1/1.2" sensor. In order to surpass the performance of the Pureview 808, in my opinion, is to have a sensor that is either similar in size or larger than the one in the 808. Although the Lumia boasts impressive low-light performance, it is still inferior to the 808 as the sensor is much smaller than the one in the 808.

I am not sure if Nokia would sacrifice aesthetics at the expense of making superior camera phones in the next generation of Windows/Android phones. At this age, form and function are important in a smartphone as a sleek and slim profile is usually preferred (just like the iPhone5 with a uniform thickness of just 7.5mm). I can just imagine a hump at the back of the Lumia 920 to ruin the appeal quite a bit.

Any thoughts how the next level of Pureview v3 phones would evolve?

Processing huge amount of data on WP8 would require huge processing power which would require huge it's very unlikely that anything similar will show up on WP8, for at least 3-4 years until they discover something revolutionary which is again unlikely because people like Damian Dinning and similar are leaving the sinking ship and for a reason.

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