Polarising Filter for Micro 4/3

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Re: Polarising Filter for Micro 4/3

B&W makes linear polarizers with multi caotings.


Makinations wrote:

Guitarfish64 wrote:

after seven months you came up with the right answer. MARUMI

Couldn't find anything more recent and there seemed little point in rehashing the DSLR vs m43 issues from scratch:-)

You've cut neatly to my underlying question - Marumi don't seem to offer linear polarisers, only circular. Is there any good reason to care about that?

It is my understanding that linear polarizers are slightly more effective. But they rarely (if at all) have multi coatings to match the circular polarizers. (A size of market thing.) Soo... better polarization or better coatings. I'd go with the coatings.

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