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Re: Who the heck she is after all?

T3 wrote:

ZorSy wrote:

T3 wrote:

ZorSy wrote:

YAY! she can finally get a sharp photos of her cats. OMG, OMG...

Sigh. You clearly don't get who she is. She's not some no-name amateur consumer who takes photos of her cats. But your foolish attempt at painter her as such a person simply shows your immaturity and desperation.

Ho-ho-ho, love it mate! Sadly, she may be some "name". For people like you obviously that means more than what the works speaks for itself. You must be a Paris Hilton worshiper too, she is yet another known name.

Sorry, her work isn't as inspiring at all: colour schemes, vignettes and iPhone style art filters gallore. Holga-ish, orto-ish, lomo-ish at random - yep, socialite art plastered all over the FB. Does she lead or just follow the pack does not matter. She is bold to think high about herself; i think her work is rubbish.

Though she used some good cameras.

You keep digging a deeper hole for yourself with your childish ranting about who she is, rather than wanting to discuss the points she makes regarding the equipment. Ultimately, she makes a lot of valid points regarding the equipment...but alas, you'll just go back to ranting about /her/, because apparently that's all your mental capacity can process! LOL. At any rate, I think it's clear that Sony is making considerable gains in sensor technology, Liveview AF technology, mirror technology, etc, and I just hope that Canon gets their act together sooner rather than later because I'm seeing less and less reason to stick with Canon if they continue to just drag their feet.

Now go back to making inane comments about Emily Tebbetts, like the petty schoolgirl that you seem to be. LOLOL.

I said "Though she used some good cameras". And I don't care what some socialite, who happen to be picked by Sony (for whatever reason) to promote their products, list as "reasons" for changing brand. Is Sony a good brand - yes, without doubts. For the sake of "art", it really does not matter what gear she uses, the results will be just ordinary snaps. Pity, as a99 is a stunning piece of equipment and its output does not deserve Instagram touch-up,her artistic expression originates from.. I don't care what she thinks nor could care less what you say. OP broke a big news about someone marginal who switched the brand. Blind fools see some significance in it, others don't. So, go and finally buy yourself a camera. You know the brand - it must be good as SHE uses it.

And don't worry, your pimples are temporary and will go away. Say no more:

personal, not professional photographers choice...

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