Lens with "wow" effect !! :-))

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This is how

It is a lovely lens, beautifully built with special optics... Crazy sharp in the center. An oddity, though.

I use mine on APS-C, I can not tell you what the corners are like on FF (but else a little cropping is not so hard).

You can use it in several ways. The lens is designed with a fixed focal length to produce 1:4 images, or 4:1 when reverse mounted. The designed flange 43mm, close to EF mount. It depends on the adapter thickness which magnification you get.

My homemade adapter is about 12mm thick, and gives about 1:2.5 magnification with this lens. On FF it seems to give some vignetting at the corners, but not to total black (tried on a cheap film body). I am not sure, but I think a less thick one may give some real vignetting.

You can get a thin one, which remains closer to the 1:4 design spec. They are available without focus confirmation chip:


With focus confirmation chip and with advanced EMF chip which lets you set a focal length and a single aperture (for EXIF) and allow for front/backfocus adjustments. I think a normal one with focus confirmation is fine:


Other options include an M42 to EF-mount adapter combined with a  thin helicoid, which will allow a short focussing path, enabling different magnification levels.

The thinnest I see are 12mm (to 17mm) m42/m42 ones, which then also need one M39 to M42 adapter ring, and a 13.5mm (to maybe 18mm, it does not say) m42 / m39 one:


You can also use the lens reverse mounted for macro stuff. I am not sure what the optimal distance of the lens to the sensor should be in that way. At least needed will be a reverse ring to attach to the 40.5mm thread, and then probably some bellows or helicoid of bigger dimensions.

Anyhow, here is a reverse ring from 40.5mm to 52mm as a start:


And a pretty groovy reverse ring helicoid:


Good luck and have fun with that special, strange lens you have!

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