Panasonic FZ 200 Noise

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Re: Panasonic FZ 200 Noise

dm2 wrote:

I've been reading the reviews for the camera and they all mention a level of noise higher than the comparable competition - but better than the FZ 150. I'm coming from the FZ 150 and am wondering for those that own the 200, do you really notice a high/higher level of noise? It has not been an issue for me with the FZ 150.

I have ordered the FZ200, knowing, from you nice people here, that I may get a bit more noise than with the FZ150.

I don't have the FZ150, I had the FZ8 and FZ38. I have sold these, my old OM1 SLR and a few other things, to buy the FZ200.

I have spent the last 7 years with the FZ8 and FZ38 as an FZ junkie . . . twiddling Pic Adjusts, under-exposing in sunlight, almost-over-exposing in dim light, using low Pic Adjust settings in low light and then tweaking up in Picasa, blasting noise with Noiseware Community, checking on previous Pic Adjust settings with Photome, and all the other addict activities, for which there is no known treatment . . . but I was still getting a Wow!!! out of my old FZ8 just last week, photographing dead flora in a hedgerow, of all things.

So I doubt that the FZ200's noise will frighten me. It was the Noise Reduction blotches and colour bleeding of the FZ8 that sometimes reduced me to tears. With noise itself, Noiseware Community default settings are lovely, but mostly, with -2 NR, I mostly seemed to be able to Pic-Adjust myself out of the tears zone.

What matters to me is the unique promise of the constant f2.8 lens, e.g. when photographing motor cycle Trials in a dim November wood, or trying to catch ducks and seagulls fighting over wholemeal bread, in English light.

And combining the lens with the free-flight flip screen for small flora in the grass, candids in cafes, etc.

And still, if I don't like it, being able to take it back within 7 days to a store near me, if I hate it.

And, in which case, buying a little-used FZ8 on Ebay. . . . . . .


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