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Re: For me it was 35L on a crop (350D)

Alastair Norcross wrote:

Press Correspondent wrote:

ZAnton wrote:

after i bought FF, 35L become "just a lens". Considering it's price, quite bad one.

Why? You can still crop the FF. Are you saying, if you crop the image, you get the "wow" effect from the lens, but if you don't, the same lens in the same shot becomes "quite bad"?

I'm also interested in the answer. I have the 35L and love it on my 7D. Are you saying that it becomes bad on FF, or is it a comparative thing? Perhaps you are saying that cheaper lenses perform really well on FF, so you can't justify the price of the 35L? Is it the corners of the 35L that are bad, according to you? If so, that would explain why you changed your view when switching to FF.

Yes, corners are very, very bad (I mean at f/1.4-2.0). Second - strong vignetting.

Third - field of view - too wide for portraits. There is no "wow"-effect. Not even close.

Probably widening of the angle make bokeh look less "creamy".

Of course you can crop, but that is not what you buy $1400 lens for.

Photozone.de had test it for both APS-C and FF. I totally agree with them.

Bottom line: if you already have this lens for 7D, you can use it on FF later, it just looses its "wow"-effect.

But buy it new for FF - better no.

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