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Good Morning!

As former owner of the LX5 and now the RX100 I can assure you that it IS quite a large improvement. I sold my LX5 and got the RX100 and I am very satisfied with its performance. Due to the large lens its a bit larger but still compact enough to have it almost always with me.


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l_objectif wrote:

Hi Bill,

I am not sure LX7/DL6 would be as successful as the previous models, anyway!... It has been a big disappointment for many of us who were wishing a bigger sensor like the one in RX100.... 4/3 cameras also are getting smaller and more portable. I think Panasonic missed a big opportunity with LX7. Of course, I have no doubt it is a good camera for those who are having a LX or Dlux for the first time. I had DL3, DL4 and now DL5, but I don't consider the new version as a "wise" upgrade!

If I had to buy a new portable, I think I would be more interested in RX100!

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