1DX USB / RJ45 / WFT-36 transfer speeds? tethered use....

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Re: 1DX USB / RJ45 / WFT-36 transfer speeds? tethered use....

I cannot quote a numerical measurement difference between the 1DX Ethernet and the WFT-E6A. I shoot tethered for all of my commercial accounts. I do NOT send my RAW files to a laptop or iPad, but simply the smallest JPGs since they are only for the client to give me a thumbs up or down during a session.

Because I often have a large group in the gallery that includes in addition to the talent - hair, makeup, prop and wardrobe staff being tethered via a wire is dangerous. I 'timed' the difference between having an Ethernet connection versus the WFT-E6A and my 'seat of the pants' estimate is the WFT takes about 1/4 of a second longer to transmit small JPGs at 20-40 feet from the ad hoc connection on the iPad and is negligible using a router to a laptop. The real time savers are hearing the client say, "We got the shot, let's move on." and me NOT having to move an Ethernet cable here and there so people don't trip on the thing.

The MOST important parts are my clients have NO complaints about performance and I don't worry about personnel tripping over wires. Although I wish Canon had built in the WFT-E6A into the 1DX, the unit itself works well for me and my clients.

J_M wrote:

I'm assuming that the USB on the 1DX is USB2.0.... is that correct?

how would USB, RJ45 and wft-E6 rank for tethered use? Does anyone have any real data on how each would perform?

is there USB 3.0 in the future?



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