Next toy coming?

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Re: Next toy coming?
A 645D refresh is on the cards, a direct replacement for the K5 mk II probably isn't. Nor the K30.

So what is possible. ?
A "K3"- APS-C sensor with a higher Pixel count, new processing chipset and new body style ? Positioned above the K5 MK II.

Something between K30 and K5 with 16MP or A new low cost APS-C DSLR.

A "K3" or "K1" with 36x24 sensor and new lens roadmap to go with it

Some non SLR design we haven't seen from Pentax before or just a K-02 ?

Place your bets

Oh, guessing games! Fun.

My guess would be something below k-30, the spiritual successor to k-x. Small, without sealing.

I don't think there is enough room between the K-5 and k-30 and it is a bit early for a camera above k5. A APS-C flagship is possible I suppose but the ff camera probably wont come until autumn.

Remember that at photokina the pentax representatives stated that 2013 is the year we will start to see the fruits of the Ricoh fusion.I'm curious to what that means. FF or something else?

The 645D is a wildcard that is coming but we can hardly guess when and I really don't think the K-02 is coming.

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