2012, A quite year for Canon

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Re: 2012, A quite year for Canon

Einst Stein wrote:

But none of these is significant. Take 5DIII for example, it's so incremental. Sure, it's an improvement over 5DII, but it's no where close to the impact of D800 vs. Nikon's previous version.

I cannot disagree more with this. If you remove the sensor equation, the D800 is a much more incremental improvement over the D700 than the 5DIII is over the 5DII, especially in terms of ergonomics / functionalities / user interface.

To me, a significant improvement is an improvement that allows me to use the camera in situations I wouldn't have used it before.

The D800's sensor dynamic range is one of those, since it allows one to use the D800 in situations the D700 wouldn't have been used, or used in a significantly different way.

But the exact same thing can be said about the 5DIII. Just as an illustration, thanks to a combination of features / ergonomics improvements, it's the first and so far only DSLR I'm comfortable shooting street photography with (silent shutter, ability to register AF modes / points and recall different modes whether you press the shutter or the AF-on button, ability to configure the DOF preview button as a switch between One shot and AI servo, custom modes - but these were already there on the 5DII anyway, etc.).

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