PSP X5 -- Need Help with Clone Settings

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Re: PSP X5 -- Need Help with Clone Settings

Here are some things to try that will show you the different properties you can adjust for the paint brush tool. These are the same for the clone brush tool.

I will use the paint brush in this illustration.

Select File > New and create a new 2000 by 2000 pixel image filled with white.

Using the paintbrush (black)

Size to 100

Hardness to 100

Step to 1

Density to 100

Thickness to 100

Rotation to 0

Opacity to 100

Draw several lines while increasing the step size from 1 to 100 and notice the differences.
Return the step to 1

Do not draw lines here, just left click the mouse once, decreasing the density and left click again. Return the density to 100.

Do the same for the hardness setting. Also try clicking several times without moving the mouse. Return the hardness to 100.

The thickness and rotation modify the shape of the brush. Set the thickness to 20 and rotate the brush to 128 and see what happened to the brush. This may be of use where different brushes are available or for painting. Set thickness back to 100 and rotation to 0

Here set opacity to 30 and leave the continuous box unchecked. Draw a line, stop, and draw over the line again crosswise. Now check the continuous box and do the same thing again.
Uncheck the box.

My setting are similar to brucet`s other than that I leave step at 10.


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