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Re: Noted The iPhone Is Staying. Nevertheless, Have A Look At These Iphone5 vs Pureview 808 Images

antoineb wrote:

Thanks for mentioning the Nokia Pureview. But I guess that I'm not really in the mood to change smartphones with all the effort that is involved in doing so regarding calendars, notes, apps, you name it. Especially when the Nokia's IQ seems better than that of my iPhone but not that much better either.

But thanks again for suggesting - sometimes the solution comes from an unexpected angle.

Not a problem, and thanks for mentioning. I have figured that out since the usability of the Pureview 808's Symbian operation system is a far cry from the iPhone. If one is already familiar or comfortable with the iPhone, he/she will have difficulty adapting to the Nokia Pureview 808.

As for picture quality, I can assure you the Pureview 808 is much better than any of the iPhone iterations, including the latest iPhone5 in all shooting conditions. In good light, the difference is still quite noticeable. In low light, the Pureview leaves the iPhone(or any other smartphones other than the Lumia 920) in the dust. A forummer who owns both iPhone5 and Pureview 808 has compared both. Although the Nokia Pureview is not an option for you, have a look at the comparison below which shows the disparity in quality (in low light) between the iPhone5 and Pureview 808.

These images were taken when the sun is just setting as the surrounding turns darker by the minute. This comparison shows how the iPhone5 fails in low light next to the Pureview 808.

Image of the iPhone5 at the top, Pureview 808 at the bottom.

In moderate light

iPhone5 in Auto mode

Pureview 808 in Auto mode

The Sun Starts to Set

iPhone5 in Auto mode (since Night mode is not available)

Pureview 808 in Manual mode

In Low Light Conditions

iPhone5 in Auto mode since Night mode is not available. FAIL. A lot of noise.

Pureview 808 in Manual mode

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