Super D600 deal @ Costco

Started Dec 14, 2012 | Discussions thread
eyeshutter Forum Member • Posts: 86
Close... But no cigar.

I've been REALLY DEBATING this deal for the whole day. I'm so ready to dump my m43 rig, but D600 lacks one important feature: Tilty-swively screen.

It sounds like a foolish reason not to switch, but the tilty screen from the E-M5 is the only reason kids do not pay attention to me. I get more candid shots of them (& ppl on the street) if I don't point & peak at the camera. Shooting kids at their eye-level without having to bend so much & peek at a small glass is a BIG PLUS.

But the offer is still out there... so still debating.

Adorama's offer is better IMO.

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