Fujifilm XE-1, turned to compete with Nex?

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Re: Fujifilm XE-1, turned to compete with Nex?

I am not sure the Fuji electro-optical finder (remember this is not a rangefinder camera) is as useless as you may think.  To make comparisons of it to a rangefinder might be misleading. To me it is innovative and innovation separates the leaders from the followers.

As for camera models, the only thing for sure is by the time one hits the market its replacement is on the drawing board. There is always room for improvement, so long as the customer is willing to pay for it.  It is up to marketing to create the need for it in the mind of the consumer.

One thing I have found true for myself is I create better pictures when I have a camera that provides me flexibility and ease of use.  The last thing I need is a camera that requires a 150 page instruction book, built-in instructions, multiple layers of navigation to get it to do what I want.  Also there is another attribute that influence my images, how I feel about the camera.

There are three images that I am concerned about when it comes to cameras I use.  The image it can capture and I create as a result.  The image it projects to the customer, this is to say how it affects my image to the customer.  And the status image it projects to my fellow photographers, just like a excellent car on the road, to other drivers.


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