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skyglider wrote:

Now I was about to shelve Win8, re-install Vista on my laptop and accept the $40 loss. But during all of the Googling that I had to do, I had read about third party software that could simulate the normal Windows start menus. So I decided to give Win8 one last chance. I installed the "Classic Shell" which is free. ...... Amazing! Win8 was transformed to a normal Windows computer with a Start icon in the task bar. I always liked the XP start menu so I selected that. ... The taskbar using the Classic Shell includes the quick launch area, task area and notification area like it always has. Very nice indeed!


I hear so much about Classic Shell and similar programs.  My concern would be that MS could at some point disable the functionality of these aps.  If you were forced to go back to the original W8 interface, I suspect that you would not be a happy camper (to put it mildly).

Why would MS disable these W7 emulation aps?  There could be several reasons, not the least of which is that they are obviously trying to coax users into adopting the Metro interface.  If large numbers of users choose to bypass Metro entirely, that could be an issue for MS.

As far back as I can remember, there have always been 3rd party programs designed to do something in Windows better than Windows does itself, but until W8, I have never known an ap or program to actually offer a better experience at the core functionality of Windows.

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