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Re: Video and A99

After that intense debate about the video quality, I tried the A99 myself. I used M mode, 1/125 shutter speed and F8, 60P. Lenses used were the Minolta 50 1.4 prime, and Sony 70400G. I did a quick backyard test hand held(I have the file, I can upload it to Dropbox if somebody's interested). When pointing the camera to one of the neighbors windows across the fence, I noticed the moire. It was coming from the window blinders.

I switched to the A580, did the same test, and moire was there again. This was with the Minolta 50. Then I put the Sony 70400 and at 70 there was still moire, but less. When I zoomed in, it finally disappeared. The image seemed to be pretty sharp otherwise.

I am pretty sure that moire would not come up in stills. On the other hand, I am almost sure that it would show when using another DSLR as well.

If Sony can look into improving the video quality, that will be great news.

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