Fuji X series and their lack of weather sealing

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Re: Fuji X series and their lack of weather sealing

Do you agree that most photographers have a degree of common sense and are aware of their shooting environment to the level that they are prepared to handle what ever comes up as far as protecting your camera gear?

One could speculate that for the majority of camera users weather sealing is not a requirement or even desired considering the cost to benefit ratio. This is why it is not a deal breaker to the consumer market and maybe why most camera manufacturers don't bother with it.

That and what metric does the camera industry measure the weather sealing?

It just maybe just marketing hype than anything else, to help separate one product form the other to help sell more cameras. Some folks might think it is foolish to buy a camera based on the weather sealing (hype) alone. But that could be what the camera marketing is betting on.

Case in point. Looking back at professional film cameras, especially those used by war photographers, none were weather sealed to the level of the modern professional DSLRs. It was not a requirement. To the best of my knowledge, the top of the professional camera food chain Leica M series cameras, film and digital, are not weather sealed either. Do Leica photographers demand weather sealing?

Yet the professional cameras past and present served their intended purpose faithfully and in the hands of a knowledgeable craftsman consistently produced images with impact, that tell a story, and that record history faithfully.


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