Windows 8 Survival Guide

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Re: Windows 8 Survival Guide

Shalom2006, lanef, joey_B and QuicksilverCA,
Thanks for your comments.


Since you're mostly using Win8 now, could you tell me how you control the volume of the music app? When I click the music app, I can't figure out how to change the volume on desktops that have a standard keyboard with no hardware volume controls. I would like to learn about this aspect of the Win8 music app.



I agree with your acessment. For folks already running Win7, just staying with Win7 for now is a good way to go.

For folks running Vista (especially the 64bit version) buying Win8 at the intro price of $39.99 and running it with the Classic Shell might be worthwhile. They will notice faster boot and shutdown times, have better networking capability if they have other Win7 PCs, and will not have to put up with Vista's constant accessing of the hard drive and using up more disk space as time goes by.

Thanks all,

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