Drobo vs. external HD's for back up new 27" iMac?

Started Dec 14, 2012 | Questions thread
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PhilM oz Senior Member • Posts: 1,281
Avoid Drobo.

Go with a NAS from another vendor (e.g. QNAP, Synology, Thecus, etc).

IMO Drobo's proprietary RAID technology has serious flaws.

If you have a disk failure it requires 48 hours per TB to rebuild the RAID protection information after you replace the drive. During this time you are completely unprotected - another drive failure while it is rebuilding and your data is toast. This happens even if you have dual-drive redundancy enabled.

This is also a problem if you want to replace a drive with a larger one - you can only replace one drive at a time and have to wait until the rebuild is done. It would have taken 8 weeks to upgrade 2 1.5TB drives with 2TB drives in an 8 bay Drobo - I ended up just backing everything up and rebuilding the Drobo from scratch.


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