Help Buying an External Flash for the Canon T2i.

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Re: Help Buying an External Flash for the Canon T2i.

BobT wrote:

Would it be possible to explain just how you set a manual flash....such as your 383?

What do you need to know, and what sort of settings are there to manipulate?

Just a brief how-to would be VERY helpful and much appreciated. Thank you.

It doesn't really differ that much from regular manual shooting.  So in the manual mode you have two variables to adjust - shutter speed and aperture.  Here you add a third one - flash power.   You would start by setting shutter speed - usually 1/125 or 1/160 - it does not really matter since flash discharge is only about 1/10,000 the amount of light will be the same - you just want to stop the motion. 1/200 will work on most cameras, but not all, and if I recall it correctly at 1/250 Rebels will show an artefact in the shot.  For that matter if you are using a speedlight in its manual mode camera won't let you go past 1/200 (I don't have a Rebel on hand but I think it's 1/200).  So the shutter is set at 1/125.  Now you set the aperture to whatever you want.  All that remains is to dial in shutter power and take a few practice shots until the scene is properly lit.   Say,  for a typical indoor shot with flash bounced of the ceiling and the subject with 10 feet from me I will start with 1/125, f4, and 1/4 power.   It gets a bit trickier if you shoot in the dark since there's no AF assist or if you need to balance flash and ambient light, but you can get the hang of simple indoor shooting in 10 minutes flat.

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