Pancake versus Bodycap lens

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Re: Don't do it

Vlad S wrote:

If you shoot landscapes, even at f/2.5 the 14mm lens has DOF from 8 feet to infinity, so there's simply no reason to stop it down to f/8 and loose the IQ to diffraction. Keep it around f/4 or 5.6, and raise the shutter speed as needed.


This is not necessarily true.  On a 14mm lens with a 4/3 sensor, IF you have your lens focused to about 17 feet, THEN everything from around 8 and a half feet to infinity will be in focus.  However, the 14/ 2.5 Panny lens does not have any way of setting the focus to a specific distance.

This is why the Oly 12 and new 17/ 1.8 will appeal to a lot of street shooters -- the will be able to use a hyperfocal table and then set their lense appropriately for the situation.

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