Best landscape lens(es)

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Re: comparable focal lengths - 4x5 to 24mm x 36mm

Lemming51 wrote:

re "it was too expensive and slow. I'm not a patient person I guess." I'm not seeing how a 5D III with TS-E lenses is going to be any less expensive or faster to work with.

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As for faster, a large format camera takes forever to set up, focus, check hyperfocal distance, load the film, then shoot three bracketed exposures, bring them in to develop, and scan them. It's soooo slow! And I'm bad at it.

As for cheaper, a drum scan is like $400 for a decent resolution. But the real reason the 5D is cheaper is because I already own one. I couldn't afford all three lenses, though. I'd probably get a used 45mm and 90mm.

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