Panasonic FZ 200 Noise

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Re: yes and I posted my thread to show the people how much noise......

jcmarfilph wrote:

rayman 2 wrote:

yes and I posted my thread to show the people how much noise......

and get flamed by a person that comes over from the Fuji forum

and has nothing to say about

the FZ-200..... ; (

Here is the thread.. I think you can see how well the FZ-200 does if you shoot raw.....


Showing a picture of a structure mostly white with no fine detail is useless. We are already tired of seeing boring tele shots of billboard, building, chimney etc. Superzoom 5 years ago can and will be able to produce same results.

Show something useful like high ISO shot of a bird or any animals with fur.

-=[ Joms ]=-

This object has a lot of detail.. and my point is that you can control how much detail or

how little noise you have with your raw converter......

A camera like the Fz-200 is always in an advantage if you can use it with 2 stops less iso due

to a 2 stops faster lens in Tele.. in my case its F 2.8 at 840mm...


here you can see less detail but suppressed noise....

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