Any ideas on how well Fuji X series are selling?

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Re: Any ideas on how well Fuji X series are selling?

I'm sure that there's enough interest/demand for Fuji to pursue the development of new models. X system is here to stay for a very long time. However, the reason I don't want to invest into current lenses (I only have the X-E1 with 35 1.4) is because I'm sure that within a couple of years Fuji will come out with a full frame camera and current lenses most likely will not fit. That's why I've been thinking about buying a zeiss or a leica lens with an adaptor for portrait work. For Zeiss I've been thinking about planar 50, and there are more choices with leica like summicron 50, 75, 90, and summarit 75. If anyone has used these lenses with fuji would you please share your opinions please. I've read what I could find on the net but there's still not a lot of info about technical aspects on the fuji sensor.

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