Silkypix V5 Pro (for Panasonic cameras only) special offer

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Re: Any reviews, blogs or personal experiences...???

exdeejjjaaaa wrote:

zenit_b wrote:

Have you got any collateral I could see on the web (independent reviews, blogs etc) ?

ISL website itself has tutorials

thanks exedee.. I will have a look

I found a feature comparison via another forum

Some of the things that struck me going v3->v5pro

  • Dodging [slider]  
  • HDR        <- I use Luminance HDR currently but this might be worth a shot...
  • Multi-Light source compensation   <-hopefully this is for scenes with mixed tungsten light and daylight - this would be really useful if it does this
  • Improved highlight controller algorithm   <- presumably this is what Guy was referring to above
  • "Improve the color noise that occurs in the dark"   <- I have a G2.. this sounds worth a look !!! 
  • Fringe removal    <- would we need this with panasonic ?
  • RGB "hustogram" displayed in tone curve dialog  <- a nice to have - I use histograms quite a lot
  • "Large-sized skin"   <-  WTF !!!!   At least you can tell this is Silkypix !!!!!
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