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Re: Panasonic FZ 200 Noise

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I have owned both and the FZ200 has more noise, and particularly so at ISO 1600. I didn't notice a lot of difference at ISO 100-800; but the FZ200 is a LOT more fussy about settings for sharpening and noise reduction and less forgiving of low or flat light and the use of +/- exposure compensation. The data on most of the better review sites also show lower noise from the FZ150.

I did prefer the feel of the FZ200, the control layout, the three Fn buttons, the constnt f/2.8 lens, and the higher resolution viewfinder. But, in the end, I sold the FZ200 and kept the FZ150. However, I must add that several other posters on this forum were able to get away with settings that I could not; so there seems to be significant individual variation in cameras, and I'm considering trying again. Mine was bought very early after introduction.

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There is no question that my FZ200 has some noise even at 100 ISO. But this is only a problem with some pictures, taken in certain lighting conditions, and viewed at 100%. if you need to print the picture at a larger size where noise is going to be objectionable then the thing to do is to run the file through a noise reduction program such as Neat Image.

But as has been mentioned, the advantages of the FZ200 far outweigh a slight noise problem when viewed at very large sizes. I will gladly accept the minor noise issue for the advantage of a rock solid, very quick AF, great shake reduction, and the fastest f2.8 25-600mm (equiv.) sharp Leica lens on the current market today.

From reading several reviews of the FZ150, it seems to be a great camera as well. If I owned it, and did not feel the need for the f2.8 lens of the FZ200, I would sit tight and wait for the next FZ super zoom to see what developed.


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