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Re: Sigma - detail..

Yup, it is. And Lin again has the reckoning about this.

My comment would be that using shall in this case is to exercise its most straightforward meaning, that the action will happen in the future.

To speak in this way would be an archaic form, or at least one that pretty much only occurs in Britain, and still has the feeling of a past there, though sometimes they can quite enjoy this.

One would be more likely to say, 'I'm going to eat now,' which is perfectly polite and normal speech on either side of the Gulf Stream (Straumen).

Anyway, when and if I improve enough to speak in any Scandinavian language, I sincerely will ask you in fair turn, Roland.

I'm having enough fun working at the moment with a Swedish scientist lving here to get resume and cover letter formulations where he likes the expression and which will get him suitable employment.

He's a good fellow, and who has taken a kind of moral advantage in what Sweden allows a person as far as taking their education. We're enjoying it.

Best again,


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