Nikon D600 Problems/Advice

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Re: Nikon D600 Problems/Advice

j123 wrote:

Hi Everyone
Im having some problems with my 2 week old nikon D600 purchased from jessops.
It has developed the infamous oil/dust on the sensor and its giving mixed results when trying to focus on objects - sometimes it works and somethimes it cant focus and you have to do it manually.
On the outer focus points it fails to focus and the middle focus point is where the mixed results appear, ive even changed it to 11 focus points thinking the apeture might be to wide for the outer eges of 39 points.
Im considering taking it back tomorrow and Im hoping someone can help me on where I stand as I would like to exchange it for another one being as the autofocus is too poor and although I can live with dust on the sensor I think its unacceptable for a body thats only taken around 800 images to have this much considering the price I paid for it.
Thanks for any info in advance

Considering you void your guarantee if you try to wet clean it yourself I would just take it back and get a new one. These spots can't be removed by the only way Nikon approves (with a blower).

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