Alternative to a D600 with 5.5 or more fps.

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Re: Alternative to a D600 with 5.5 or more fps.

sandy b wrote:

AFAIK cleaing the sensor will NOT void your waranty, where did you read that?

Oh it will. Big time.

It is in fact stated quite clearly in the manual that they only thing they accept anyone doing themselves is using a blower to remove dust. Of course this does not work at all on the oil/lubricant spots that a lot of people experience.

Page 304 in the manual:

Dirt that can not be removed with a blower can only
be removed by Nikon-authorized service personnel.
Under no circumstances should you touch or wipe the

In addition to that an employee in a camera store told me yesterday that Nikon does not approve of any wet solution to clean the D600 but their own brand. And that is only sold to camera service shops for their use.

Great customer service, eh? Especially when the only way of cleaning it 'the right way' means sending it in and effectively be without it for a week or two every time you have taken a few hundred shots.

I'm so angry I don't know which foot to stand on. This is my 6th Nikon DSLR and I have never ever had to clean any of the previous ones (started with the D70 and the last I had before the D600 was the D700) with anything but a blower. And I used all my previous cameras both for long exposures and macro and have thousands upon thousands of shots at F/16 or even smaller without anything showing up. My D600 is usesless on any apertures smaller than F/8 unless I want to spend time with every single shot to retouch afterwards the spots are easily visible against bright backgrounds even on f/5.6.

The D600 though has more crap on the sensor on the sensor after less than 2000 shots than I ever have seen on any of my other cameras - and it won't come off with the blower at all. Doing the automatic sensor clean program does not even shift the few spots that are actually dust though they disappear immediately with a couple of blows with a blower. Doesn't help much though since the real problem are the spots.

The worst part of this whole ordeal though is that Nikon does not acknowledge the problem at all and says nothing official about it.

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