G1-X - flash exposure metering in manual mode...feedback sought

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Re: G1-X - flash exposure metering in manual mode...feedback sought

I recently got a G1X and I'm an experienced flash/strobist user and I've started to use my G1X with flash both on and off camera.

As far as the ETTL go, what the writer suggests, as far as I'm concerned, is that ETTL flash mode can give incosistant results. Just like the camera's auto exposure can be fooled, so can ETTL flash metering. For example, you shoot 3 images that is correctly exposed, but on the 4'th image a person with a black shirt enters the frame in the foreground, the camera tries to compensate with added flash power, resulting in a overexposed flash image. Nothing strange if you ask me. Sometimes ETTL works perfekt, but in some conditions it just doesn't.

The manual flash in manual mode on the G1X is actually quite strange. If I could choose between manual or ETTL in the meny, that would've been perfect.

Sometimes I love the manual flash feature. Like when I'm lighting a scene without time limit, it's kind of nice of dial in the flash power until you get it perfect. And that works with the Canon ST-E2 transmitter too.

Sometimes I hate it. Like when I would like to use manual mode for some reason, but don't have time to dial the power in. Basicly it's time consuming and there's a risk that you've lost the moment when you finally press the shutter.

Also, the ST-E2 behaves strangely when the G1X is in manual mode. If you use many flashes, you can't use the ratio-feature on the ST-E2  – it simply doesn't work. And if you force one of the slave flashes into manual mode, it won't trigger at all. So, one flash – no problem. Two flashes with same flash power – no problem. Two flashes with different flash power – big trouble.



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