Win8 vs. Win7: How is it (ignoring new interface)?

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Re: Win8 vs. Win7: How is it (ignoring new interface)?

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Look this forum over. It is loaded with thoughts, mostly negative.

Everything I have seen here has been negative about the new interface and since I clearly and explicitly asked about Win8 ignoring the new interface the comments about the new interface are not what I am asking.

Yet, if you would take away the interface, what would be left to argue about?

Speed, stability, security, memory management, drivers?

No real difference with win7 performance-wise. People keep saying that booting is faster: sure, it's UEFI, but that also doesn't give you a chance to interrupt the boot without having to go to the OS first. Shutdown seems faster, but shutdown in Win8 is more like hibernation so that's no fair comparisson.

also a new style OS is more prone to bugs. or missing/corrupted drivers.

And last but not least, Win8 doesn't play nice with other OS's on the same PC.

Enough reasons for me to not go for it. yet. who knows maybe later...

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