Just curious, Macbook Retina's question

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Re: Just curious, Macbook Retina's question

twan wrote:

I'm into a new laptop because my old Dell windows latop is deing. I've found this artike about lightroom and photoshop on a Macbook Retina:


it seems like, it amazing to see your pictures at a retina display. But... is this a pittfall when you also want have pictures printed by external companies? Can the pictures can look amazing on the Retina screen but terrible in the prints??

Well, it's not that it creates colors and resolution that aren't there. From what I saw, it's just a normal sRGB display with normal gamut, normal dynamic range and rather extreme DPI. So basically your colors will look the same as on any other sRGB device, if properly callibrated. As for the resolution, if your image has resolution, retina display will show it. If there's no resolution, it will show this even better. Besides, if you check your sharpening before printing, you will do it on high magnification where retina or no retina will mean nothing. So no, I don't think there is a reason to be afraid of becomming so adjusted to a good display as to start producing inferior output. What is in fact more deceiving are glossy displays, compared to matte. I prefer editing photos on matte and displaying on glossy, because somehow the clear glossy glass with reflections and deep blacks tends to make everything look better, which is probably why manufacturers went for them like crazy; their monitors just look better in the store.

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