Fuji X-E1 White Balance Concerns

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David Hardaway
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Fuji X-E1 White Balance Concerns - FOLLOWUP - HAPPY with X-E1

I want to thank everyone who has made positive contributions and posted ideas on this thread.

I think I have the concern addressed and identified. Below is and image from two different X-E1 cameras (my friend loaned me his as we bought them at the same time) Left top and bottom all settings same Provia STD sharp +2 AWB shift 0 all other settings at zero with metering at default.

The cameras performed identically as I would expect and was glad to know 100% that they were in fact performing as designed. The image top and bottom right are the same two cameras same settings but AWB shifted +3Blue.

The image on the right is correct in that it represents the actual way the image looks to the eye. Now, I understand that some prefer a yellow look. But I can tell from looking at sample images from many places that default provia no shift had yellow casts. I now believe that it is related to the difference in light based on geographic location latitude relation to the equator. Meaning... the sample images I have been reviewing were either in Japan and northern Japan, Sweden and other places much further north of south Texas. This is important in that the angle of the sun and the temperature of the light is indeed cooler when shooting in northern climates. All of the sample images I have seen from X-E1 owners that are in the south have had that yellow cast. So...I am going out on a limb here... just my guess... that the provia film emulation was designed by color engineers that tested it in geographic region further north away from equator. So.. right or wrong I have a solution to my problem and have proved 100% that it wasn't specific to my camera. I shot plenty of samples with that simple awb shift and it seems to work everywhere.


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