Win8 vs. Win7: How is it (ignoring new interface)?

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Re: Win8 vs. Win7: How is it (ignoring new interface)?

Henry Richardson wrote:

AikenMooney wrote:

Look this forum over. It is loaded with thoughts, mostly negative.

Everything I have seen here has been negative about the new interface and since I clearly and explicitly asked about Win8 ignoring the new interface the comments about the new interface are not what I am asking.

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Henry Richardson

Yet, if you would take away the interface, what would be left to argue about? A command prompt is a command prompt. The whole point of a Graphical User Interface is to make the user communicate with the machine in an intuitive way. If this doesn't work properly, the machine can be as well-designed as you wish, but noone will be able to use it, rendering it inefficient as wel as ineffective.

Performance-wise Win7 and Win8 are much alike, no need to switch just because of that... And I really wonder if people who install extra tools to emulate Win7 behaviour take into account the loading times of that software when benchmarking boottimes. If you want something that gives you a Win7 experience, stick with Win7...

Remember, no change is also negative... why would I switch OS when there's nothing to be gained?

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