Panasonic FZ 200 Noise

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Donald B
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Re: Panasonic FZ 200 Noise

dm2 wrote:

I've been reading the reviews for the camera and they all mention a level of noise higher than the comparable competition - but better than the FZ 150. I'm coming from the FZ 150 and am wondering for those that own the 200, do you really notice a high/higher level of noise? It has not been an issue for me with the FZ 150.



i dont know what reviws your reading but none of them say that the noise is less than the fz150 the 150 wins hands down in that department. a friend has both and the pic quality is better on the 150 no questions. the 150 is fast becomming more valuable for that reason and very hard to get.

cheers don

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another year has gone, just cleared my 200 gallery images will start all over again, thanks to everyone that took the time to look.

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