Black Rapid R Strap / Nikon D4

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Re: Black Rapid R Strap / Nikon D4

I've used one with my D700 for over 2 years. I even have the double strap for my other body side by side when I shot a wedding. I find it a very nice way to carry and get to the camera easily. It works as advertised.

I am OCD about checking for tighness of the screw in. So far so good. It works better with an L-bracket, (more secure but also heavier) I usually use mine without unless I'm carrying my tripod anyway.

Depending on your body movement, bending down to tie your show for example, it can swing around and smack something like the pavement if you don't take care. I do.

I've traveled with mine for weeks at a time without incident.

In Guatemala I used the strap and over that I had a shoulder bag with my lenses. I figured it was safer that way, less likely to be a theft target as it would have been a lot of work to get these things off of me. In reality, I never felt threatened down there apart from some kids I think tried to pick pocket me. One teenager bumped into me pretty hard while another brushed by. I had no wallet in my back pocket, I think they were trying for it.

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