God.. Why Did You Let This Happen

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Re: Why Did You Let This Happen looks cool but...thats not what Canon and Nikon have to worry about

Bajerunner wrote:

The FF version of the NEX 7 will be the REAL trouble for Canon and Nikon. Already some rumours on the web.

In what way ?

I'm a former Sony DSLR user (now Nikon) and current NEX user, so not trying to simply play one brand against another, but I really don't see how FF Nex is much of a threat.

FF Nex gives you:

A tiny body free of PDAF inaccuracies and mirror slap.

Very few lenses.

Big lenses.

Slow autofocus.


Coupled with a small set of modest lenses, I can definitely see the appeal.  Leica, RX1, Fuji 'X' system all appeal to people looking for a compact, competent system that doesn't have to "do it all".  Canon & Nikon DSLRs aren't threatened by that market.

Honestly, I see the OM-D E-M5 and GH-3, with the ever-growing lineup of lenses and decreasing performance gap (in terms of autofocus and lens capabilities) being a bigger threat.  Compact systems will definitely bite into market share, both in the consumer realm and some enthusiast kits.  But a FF Nex isn't any kind of holy grail.

- Dennis

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