D600 + 24-85 = 2K - Still want RX! ?

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Re: D600 + 24-85 = 2K - Still want RX! ?

I had a chance to either buy the D600 + kit vs the RX1 in September but opted to buy the former for it's more versatile and can be used for more situations / occasions (like weddings)

Now with the price drop it's even more incentive for folks to jump in the Nikon bandwagon

Valuewise the Nikon wins out but we're talking about 2 different cameras here

I still want the RX1 for i think it'll be the more fun camera to shoot with but alas money 's tight and $2500 (corp discounted price) is a lot of money for a fixed lens camera, not to mention the extra $500 for the EVF  (Ouch!)

For now I 'd (should) be content shooting with my D600/MFT/RX100 gear till that time I can afford a used RX1


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