Just had something interesting happen with my 7D.

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Re: Just had something interesting happen with my 7D.

apersson850 wrote:

This is due to the phase-discriminating encoders built into the dials, to sense the number of clicks as well as the direction of rotation. If one dial happens to sit in-between two click stops, it will block the proper signals, and the rotation of the other dial can't be properly sensed. This problem exists in both directions, but due to the design and handling of the camera, it's more likely that the bottom dial happens to end up in an intermediate position than that the top one does.

If this happens, just move the grip's dial to a proper click stop, and you're good. This has nothing to do with who manufactures the grip - it's inherent in the electronic design of the camera.

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Whew! Thank you. I had a feeling that it was something trivial and easily solved, but it was scary nonetheless when it happened. It's all too common these days with technology that a lot of us are just slaves to our machines and the machines pretty much control us when it comes to troubleshooting. And least that's the way it is for me.

The most I can do is try a few different moves and if nothing happens to improve the situation, I'm screwed.

Thanks for your explanation.

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