Is Microsoft Even Listening about Windows 8?

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Re: Is Microsoft Even Listening about Windows 8?

malch wrote:

Sean Nelson wrote:

Microsoft is desperate to get everyone used to the new UI to enlarge their potential market for Windows on portable devices, but I really think this is going to backfire on them.

I think that's an excellent summary.

There was a time when folks felt a common interface for desktop versus mobile devices was highly desirable.

But it turns out to be completely unnecessary. My wife and daughter have no problems moving between Windows on their computers and iOS on their phones. And they play together nicely providing seamless access to email etc. Same for me with my Android phone.

The realization that Windows didn't really offer any significant advantage for mobile devices must have come as one almighty revelation to the folks in Redmond.

And the whole point about Windows 8 is that it's a "both and" interface.

  • You want to stick to the Desktop - you can.
  • You want to have a Tablet interface (with additional slices - which Apple and Android can't do) - you can.
  • You want to move between the two - you can.

What's not to like? I fail to see what the problem is.

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