Any ideas on how well Fuji X series are selling?

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Re: Any ideas on how well Fuji X series are selling?

Teera wrote:

I plan to invest more on the X lenses but if things turn not so good for the X, I may bite the bullet and save money for the new Leica M if it can match images at iso 3200 with the X Looking from number of posts here Fuji X has 5xx,xxx posts, Sony Nex has slightly less than 3xx,xxx, and Leica is 2xx,xxx posts and the largest mirrorless is m4/3 at 8xx,xxx. Fuji seems to be fine and at current price point, the X-E1 should help expand market share of Fuji. IMO DPR's speedy review of the X-E1 is another positive indicator.What do you think of the future of the X?

Like all new ideas, some people are immediately trying to damn it, and others are enthusiastic because the camera themselves are so nice.

For a first generation product it is remarkable. Other manufacturers must be wondering what they could achieve with these arrays. The research has been around for some time, but available in-camera processors have only recently become powerful enough to handle it, and working out algorithms for interpolation is far from trivial, even if the theoretical maths is understood.

I am one of the optimistic ones. I can only see future generations beginning to exploit this technology to its limits, and Fuji's body and lens lineup is looking very nice indeed. Far better than the disjointed MFT one or the sorely lacking NEX one. In fact Samsung is doing a better job than Sony with some very nice lenses (perhaps Samsung are Unsung...:-)

Fuji have the muscle to push this. I hope very much they succeed. If they don't I will have a lot of fun taking pictures, and the lenses will still work on a conventional version of the cameras in the future, so I don't worry.

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