Images by Using Only Natural Light

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Re: Images by Using Only Natural Light

DavidVidgen wrote:

The composition is good, with the subject 'filling the frame', thus removing any unnecessary background disruptions.

I'm not an animal or wildlife photographer so not really qualified with such images. My initial thoughts are that it would have been better if the cat was looking at you. The left eye does not look as sharp as the right, a slightly wider aperture (f7.1) would have solved this. However, this is part of the problem when shooting with natural light. Sometimes there is not enough and you need to use smaller f stops.

I see you shot the image at 55mm. I'm not a Nikon user so not familiar with their lens range, but if you are using a zoom lens try setting it at 50mm.

As a newbee you are on your way...


David Vidgen
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Thank you for the nice words.  Yea, I had on my 55-300mm lens because I was trying to shoot other things.  None of the other things turned out as well.  The cat was just up on the handrail trying to get some morning sun and when I turned and saw him I had to shoot a few pictures.  I've only spent a few days playing with my camera in A mode, but really enjoying learning how changing the aperture and or shutter speed changes the end product.  I must admit this was shot in auto.

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