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Re: Software Novice Here - Improve this image for me

Disclaimer:  I don't want to abuse my welcome here so.. for that.. I'll apologize in advance and will limit my request / input in this forum in the near future -- but only after this detour.

Pardon me if I don't add this request as a different tread..but rather.. piggy backing to my original post.

Attached is a picture I took at the 2011 Reno Veterans Day Parade.  The organizers had the parade route going south to north.. so at high noon, you are shooting in the sun for the most part.

I was using a Sony A100 mated to a Tamron 28-200 lens with the a stock 1/2" lens hood.  I typically don't photograph kids because of the sensitivity of the issue, but I was compelled to catch this shot in a fleeting moment of spontaneity.

For that matter, I don't have a heavy interest in portraits as such, but always have admired folks who can set up a studio scene.

Sports photography is so much easier.  This is why there is an explosion of sports on TV -- no script writers to hire, no stages to built, etc.   That said..

Here I go (again).. Other than cloning out the hand and the flag along the right hand margin, what would you do to make this image POP and even better.  Even keeping the image as is, it is one of my better cropped shots for the day.

Yes I can play with line borders, basic picture frames, etc.. but am looking for much more embellishments.  Typically, to fill in the dead spots, I will add some sort of TEXT -- for example, 2012 Reno Veterans Day Parade as an additional vector layer, but coin-ing a slogan. I want go beyond hacking users with birthdays as their password.. I want to see/do more.

Can you make this girl any cuter than she already is and keeping with the Veterans Day theme?.. I am all ears!  PS.. If this image can be transported into a Christmas Card Scene.. I'll even take a look.

OK.. If the above image isn't challenging enough.. try this one.. isolate the lead 5 Star Cheerleader away from her supporting cast and fill in the rest of the frame.  The end result should reflect her confident facial attitude.. I'm good and I know it!  -- that goes as well to the people who are willing to play 

Thank you for your time.. and much obliged


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