ThinkTank Airport Security owners chime in, please.

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PhotoKhan wrote:

jhal wrote:

Hi PK,

Hi John!

I use a Peli 1510 to roll my gear around, that it is build like a tank. I also see that many sports photographers use the Airport Int or the Airport security.

Yes, I also found it extremely sturdy...The price to pay is its empty weight.

As I do a lot of sports photography the roller bag is very handy but I am not sure if you walk around a city or trecking for landscape photography it will be practical.

That's why I am also considering the "Takeoff" model. It has the shortcomings I mentioned above but it can be turned into an impromptu backpack, if needed.

I intend to use rolling case only for events that call for it: Paved surfaces, limited intervention space kind of things.

I have been looking at the Airport Int lately as it will fit the 400/2.8 with the hood reversed but I already have the Peli.

A great feature of the Airport Int is the cable fitted to the case's structure which can be used to attach it to a fixed structure in the working area. Together with the code lock for the zippers this means that one of my worries (keeping an eye on the backpack while photographing) will be solved most of the times. Anyone trying to pry in will have to literally destroy the whole case to get access (...well, it call also be slashed with a blade but it will have to be an heavy duty one).

SO, I am thinking to but the Think Tank Modular set and the Pro Speed Belt. I've seen other sports photographer using them together with the Airport Int or Peli case. So you keep all the gear in the boot of your car and then take what you want around your waste based on the type of shoot you are going to do. The strain is on your hips rather than your back. Try it..

A modular belt is also in my list but I'll probably go with the Lowepro vest+belt system. There are reports that the ThinkTank implementation is not quite comfortable, tending to slip a lot.

During that SBK coverage back in September it become clear to me that for the kinds of events that relate to photo journalism the belt or vest+belt solution is a must in order to keep the hands free and some material (the odd flash and a couple of lenses) within quick reach. The backpack proved to be a nuisance and, obviously, so will the rolling case. In those instances, they're only useful to carry the bulk of the equipment into the venue's HQs.

it's on my Xmas list

I'll drop a good word for you with Santa


PK, Santa heard from you and the Think Tank Modular set and the Pro Speed Belt was ordered today.

I watched the Lowepro vest + belt system video but I decided on the TT as all the photographers I meet at the media rooms use the TT system.

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